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“If you don’t use your gift, that education is only going to take you so far.” – Steve Harvey

As I opened my internet screen to begin writing this blog, a video popped up of Steve Harvey. He begins by talking about Just JUMP. You have to jump. All successful people have had to take a jump at one point in their life in order to get where they are. This really made me think. I have hesitated for years to begin this blog. Lacking the confidence. Who’s going to read this? What are people going to say? Honestly, WHO CARES?! The people who are meant to read this, will.

I can’t count all the signs and messages I’ve received to just do this – to just begin. And I received confirmation once again right before I began to write – Just Jump.

It has been a few years since I officially began this journey, and began to dive deeper into the meaning of everything I was soon going to learn. Of course, it started out in small steps. Researching topics here and there. Asking questions here and there. But over the years it has grown to so much more. The tools and knowledge are never ending. I’m the type of person where the more I can read and learn, the better. If I’m curious about a specific topic – Meditation, Chakras, Angels, Receiving Messages – you better believe I’ll find and read every piece of information that I can get my hands on. My “A” personality type has been helpful, but has also hurt me along the way. Maybe not hurt, but it has definitely hindered my abilities. It has helped me with researching and keeping all of my thoughts and spiritual goals in line, but has hurt me in terms of receiving messages and using many of the other tools I’ve learned along the way. I have had to make a huge effort in trusting what I was receiving, understanding it, learning to know what different signs/symbols mean, etc.

There is nothing logical about receiving messages. You basically have to toss everything you’ve ever thought and were taught out the window and trust your intuition. The first book I ever read when I began this journey was Messages from Your Angels by Doreen Virtue. This book opened my mind to so many signs I was unaware of and answered many of the questions that immediately began flying around my head. I have read it a total of 3 times and have gone back many more times to use it as a reference, especially in the beginning when I was trying to understand the meaning and signs of what I was receiving.

A few signs of messages from your Angels:
— Gut instinct (intuition)
— Shivers
— A flash image in your mind
— Smells (of something that is no where near you)
— Deja Vu
— Repeating Numbers/Sequences (Angel Numbers)
— Feathers
— Lady Bugs (Passed Loved Ones)

If you’re interested in watching the video of Steve Harvey, you can find it here:



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5 comments on “Your Gift – My Gifts

  1. sandra eaton on said:

    Love that video! Also posted on my business page on FB. Its really good! And also reminds me of the extra push you gave me to “jump”. Love you, my little “big” sister.

  2. Beth OBrien on said:

    That was awesome! That video came at the perfect time in my life! Thank you!
    Beth OBrien

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