The Beginning

Where did my journey begin?

This journey was something I stumbled upon and soon realized it was exactly where I needed to be. I tried many different avenues of help to figure out why I felt lost, but every time I met with someone I knew that wasn’t where I was meant to be – what I needed – or what I was looking for.

A friend had told me about her experience with Colleen St. Michaels and how she had connected her with her passed grandfather. I had recently lost my Grandma, so I thought I would give it a try myself. I met with Colleen not knowing what to expect, but being open to whatever she had to say. I would know the difference between her being “real or fake”, right?

During my session, Colleen was able to connect me with my grandma and gave me very clear examples/reasons/conversations that left no doubt in my mind (i.e. wearing my Grandma’s ring and referencing side comments that were being said because I had it, spoke about my dad’s cancer and exactly where it was, the tough relationship my brother and I have with our dad, etc.) None of these statement were generalized. During the session she also mentioned that I was an empath and explained all that it involves. Learning about being an empath explained so many emotions that I had felt and didn’t understand. It helped me better understand myself and how to handle what I was feeling and the types of people I always seemed to draw into my life that weren’t good for me. She made a side comment about me having gifts that I didn’t understand, but I would.

I had no clue what she meant at the time, but all these years later – I do. Learning more and more about my journey and soul’s purpose has brought me to an amazing new outlook on life which I will forever my grateful for. Here is where you’ll find my journey, my story.




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2 comments on “The Beginning

  1. Gabriele Heidemann on said:

    Hi Sarah,
    I can relate to the empath.Too much time was wasted constantly trying to “fix” others.
    All this is a part of our life journey and I finally recognized this and I am diligently working on myself now.
    Also,I am looking forward to my appointment with Colleen on August 3rd.

    • Sarah Sprout on said:

      It’s amazing once you discover your path and definitely gets easier along the way ! Hope you enjoy your visit with Colleen!