New Moon Energy

This weekend was like any other summer weekend – relaxing by the pool with my daughter and my best friend, but something didn’t feel right. It was suppose to be a RELAXING and instead all I could think about was the millions of different things I should be doing and that there weren’t enough hours in the day. That night we went to an outdoor concert, which was the perfect night – I love music and I love being outdoors, both together = WINNING! 

But as I got home that night, I felt very anxious and exhausted. That’s when it hit me. What day is it?? When is the full moon?? Sure enough! It was in 2 days. Like clockwork, the full moon energy began to effect me. I had noticed it here and there all weekend, but hadn’t fully focused on this strange new energy. So from Sunday to Tuesday I was beyond exhausted and no matter how hard I tried, no matter how much sleep I got, it wasn’t enough. Apparently, my daughter felt the same with her 4 hour nap in the evening which I was sure meant she was going to be up ALLLL night. No. Instead she played for a couple minutes, ate, and went back to sleep – for the ENTIRE NIGHT. This just doesn’t happen. Ever. Mind you, she’s only 5 months old. So this momma wasn’t going to complain 🙂 although I did check a few times to make sure she was still breathing. 

My husband and I were going through our morning work routine of getting ready, getting the baby fed and packed for school. That’s when I casually stated how exhausted I was no matter how much sleep I got.

This was our morning conversation:

Me: I can’t get enough sleep no matter what. 

Husband: Why?

Me: Must be the full moon.

Husband: ::Laughs:: What does that have to do with anything?

Me: The energy. 

Husband: …..I’m not tired. 

Me: But you don’t do that kind of work or work on raising your vibration.

Husband: ………….

Me: Do you know what that is?

Husband: ………….

Me: I can send you an article to better explain it, but I doubt you’ll read it. (Because he rarely reads any articles I send him)

Husband: Nope. Especially if it’s just going to make me tired. 

This is where I just had to laugh. Of course, he hears a lot about my journey and experiences and does ask questions, but he’s not nearly involved in the spiritual world as I have become. And I just felt like this conversation summed it all up. I don’t always need him to be fully involved in my passions in life, but just ask that he be open to it and non-judgmental. He knows that this path has made me happy and supports that. Seeing his reaction to different situations that come along, like this morning, make me appreciate him that much more. He may not have known what it was I was talking about, but to him it was simple and straightforward. And the full moon energy is something he wanted nothing to do with.

After this morning, I decided to check in with one of my favorite intuitives who often publishes energy reports. Perfect timing, because her explanation could not have been more clear. She hit the nail on the head. She posted it today, on her Facebook page,

I personally have been working on my Throat Chakra. Which focuses on your ability to speak and hear the truth and depends on how balanced your fifth chakra is. Throat chakra healing is about finding a balance in how you communicate in your daily interactions. It is also about being able to release your will to the guidance of the Divine. Throat chakra healing will help you to let go of criticism, judgment, and addictions. You will be able to make wise decisions in life, express yourself with confidence, and use your personal power to follow your dreams.

The signs and symptoms of needing to clear my throat chakra have been appearing because I have been holding a lot in so that I can “keep the peace” so to say and not cause any issues with others. The Full Moon has brought all of this to my attention and helped me remember that there is nothing wrong with speaking my truth and communicating with others. It’s all in the way it’s delivered. So my affirmation that I have been repeating today is:

“I speak loving truth to bring balance to myself and others in my life.”

I hope you are all handling the new moon energy well! Remember to ground yourself, it may get a little bumpy, but it’s all because you’re growing and will come out stronger on the other end!



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